Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies

In short, understandable words: Scientists have successfully transported words from one brain to another over the internet.


Human sensory and motor systems provide the natural means for the exchange of information between individuals, and, hence, the basis for human civilization. The recent development of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) has provided an important element for the creation of brain-to-brain communication systems, and precise brain stimulation techniques are now available for the realization of non-invasive computer-brain interfaces (CBI). These technologies, BCI and CBI, can be combined to realize the vision of non-invasive, computer-mediated brain-to-brain (B2B) communication between subjects (hyperinteraction). Here we demonstrate the conscious transmission of information between human brains through the intact scalp and without intervention of motor or peripheral sensory systems. Pseudo-random binary streams encoding words were transmitted between the minds of emitter and receiver subjects separated by great distances, representing the realization of the first human brain-to-brain interface. In a series of experiments, we established internet-mediated B2B communication by combining a BCI based on voluntary motor imagery-controlled electroencephalographic (EEG) changes with a CBI inducing the conscious perception of phosphenes (light flashes) through neuronavigated, robotized transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), with special care taken to block sensory (tactile, visual or auditory) cues. Our results provide a critical proof-of-principle demonstration for the development of conscious B2B communication technologies. More fully developed, related implementations will open new research venues in cognitive, social and clinical neuroscience and the scientific study of consciousness. We envision that hyperinteraction technologies will eventually have a profound impact on the social structure of our civilization and raise important ethical issues.

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The Black Hole Tree (PART TWO)

An original short story by Robert W. Rodriguez.

A sequel to Captain Stephenson and the Space Shuttle Unity:


Completed July 30, 2014

You opened your eyes.

Before you stood your husband, Adam. You had known him for as long as you could remember because you were derived from him. He was you and you were him. Your communication was undivided and instantaneous, as one body. But in this moment, it was as if you were seeing him for the first time.

Your husband wore a perplexed expression. To him, you appeared as an animal: naked and unclean. He viewed you as if you were a separate entity, when in truth you were him because you were of him. His eyes had been opened and all differences became apparent. “What do we do, my husband?” You asked him. He scuffled around nervously, glancing at you with discomfort and plucking leaves from fig trees. For reasons you could not yet understand, Adam could not heed your words, but you followed him in his actions and gathered leaves as well. To lead the way was his duty; this you knew to be true.

A loincloth he made, crude and uncomfortable, and he placed it about your hips. It was then you understood why he looked so different- he was naked. You perceived at once that a change had taken place in your bodies. You were alone, separated by immeasurable space from Adam, from the Earth, and from Captain Stephenson who had brought you to the garden. You had been locked as a prisoner inside your skull, and so you recognized your naked body as a holding cell. As it was your desire to consume the Seed of Knowledge that had given you this skewed perspective, you felt ashamed.

"I am no longer like the animals!" You lamented, with no one to hear your sorrow. "I am not like Adam! I am not like the Earth, the cradle from which I was taken! My own desire has deceived me, and now I am separated from even that! I can feel even now that I am lost, and I desire for what I do not know! Oh God, who is there to hear my cry?"

The Captain whose name you no longer knew walked to meet you, but Adam pulled you behind bushes. Terror you had never felt before gripped your mind and body. Surely your benefactor would realize your mistake, and he had made clear the consequences of said mistake: certain death.

"Come to me, my children!" He called. As he was your master and Father, you obeyed and came out of hiding. Captain looked different too, as though he had always been a voice inside your head but was now a man in tangible form. You found the similarity between his appearance and Adam’s remarkable. His garments were white and thick like a suit of armor.

Seeing that you had attempted to cover your nakedness, Captain immediately knew that you had perceived a division on the perfect lens built within you to focus light. “No!” He cried. “Do you realize what you’ve done?!” His words were claws tearing at your ears. You fell to your knees and wept.

"It was the woman that you gave me!" Blurted Adam. You could not make sense of his words, but he pointed at you sternly. Your face flushed and your throat constricted painfully. Captain’s eyes fell upon you and you trembled. You prepared for his kindness to falter. For your disobedience, you believed that he might slay you in the midst of the beautiful garden where you knelt.

"What is this that you have done?" He demanded explanation. As opposed to Adam’s harsh, accusing voice, his was warm and understanding.

"It was the desire within me, Captain. It deceived me and I ate of the fruit." The desire, Captain Stephenson understood, had arisen from the black hole which was created when he engaged the Space Shuttle Unity’s travel technology. It was the driving force that enticed life’s light gathering mechanisms. Of all the beasts of the field, man’s animal desire developed into the craftiest. So clever was this apex predator that it deceived Eve into consuming the most advanced fruit of nature, that is the Seed of Adam.

Captain Stephenson closed his eyes tightly and placed his gloved hand on Eve’s red, wet cheek. With a solemn voice and somber heart, he informed the first two modern humans of the consequences for believing in illusions given by the Beast of Consumption. “I have given you the Code of Origin, which is the perfect language of this universe. Though I instructed you with it, and gave it to you as a tool to bring this planet under your control, you have disobeyed my command and eaten it, and so now you are cursed. You have forgotten the Code, and your communication is now scattered.

"This mistake was destined to happen because I have made the desire within you infinitely clever, so that you could consume and spread with ease. Now you will abuse your desire, who is the Source of Deceit, and in return it will cause you anguish all the days of your life. (To Eve) Because your tendency towards consumption now outweighs your purpose of propagation, enmity shall there be between you and this animal nature, and so your pain will be greatly multiplied in childbirth. Your desire shall be for your husband whom I have created to execute my purpose, and he shall rule over you like the beasts of the field, for you are in truth, an animal.

"Contained within your seed, Adam, flowed the True Path that I created you to follow. Since you have consumed it, and because it was your duty to lead Eve, your wife, and your children about this planet, you must now find your own path. You will call this ability ‘free will,’ and it will cause you unspeakable suffering. Your offspring will commit heinous attrocities against each other, and you will decimate this Earth that I have given you as well as the life contained therein. You are no longer bound to follow the Code.

"That is because the seed contains a void, a clear space of passage for the Code and Light to flow through. It now obstructs your vision, and so you appear separate from each other, from the animals, from your planet and your Creator. Because this void lies in your stomach, you will always hunger and never be satisfied. You will believe in lies and you will speak them to your brethren. You will create illusions of past and future and so you must die, because you hold onto memories which do not exist. All that is not tethered to my True Code will be swept away and burned because it resists the function I have created this universe for: to collect the light.

"You have forgotten what you are. I tell you in truth my children, that from dust you were created, and to dust you shall return."

The Captain created superior garments to replace your loincloths. He derived them from animal skins, a sacrifice for the comfort of man; the first of many that the Earth would give up. Before He departed to watch your disease consume the planet, He said, “Your commission here is still the same. Propagate, and bring my creation to equilibrium. Know that you are only vessels for this purpose, and all that you try to hold onto will be stripped from you violently, because even the light which you see and the eyes with which you see it belong to me. Go Adam, lead your kin and pursue the True Code. You are Eve’s ambassador to me. Go Eve, nurture your kin and commune with my creation. You are Adam’s ambassador to nature.”

With that, the Captain caused the Space Shuttle Unity to materialize high above him, and as he ascended to board it, brilliant white light radiated from his face.

“Behold, the man has become like one of Us, and is self-aware. He has resisted the Code of Origin, and the resulting friction has burned up his memory of the Path of Life. We must now wait for the opportune time to show him the path that leads to Unity.” Aboard the Space Shuttle Unity, Captain’s six crewmembers listened with grave faces, eager to aid their leader in any way. Tears fell from the pregnant female’s eyes, as well as two of the males, but their resolve and their faces remained unchanged. Mankind and the crew could no longer communicate freely.

Power traveled from the muscles in Adam’s arm and reverberated throughout your jawbone. Another novel feeling: being controlled. Your body collapsed from where you were observing Captain’s departure, then you sensed the cool grass of the garden against your skin. Turning around, you saw the beauty of your Creator replaced by Adam’s furious, contorted face.

"You stupid woman! You’ve deceived me!" You let out a hushed gasp and felt blood drip from your mouth. You could not understand why he hit you, and you tried in vain to reason with him. Your husband struck you again, unable to translate your cries for mercy. As he seized your leg and began to drag you, you attempted to crawl away, but you knew that even if you escaped, you had nowhere to go. You remembered the words Captain had spoken and knew them as truth: your desire was for your husband. Your future laid with him. Without him you would be lost and helpless, so you submitted.

As your husband carelessly battered your body, a flurry of unnatural, unfamiliar emotions flowed through you. Resentment. Anger. Sorrow. Confusion. Injury in body and soul. Captain had warned you that illusions would creep into your psyches, and the consequences for believing in such lies. The Beast of Consumption deceived your husband; through him the concept of property came into the Earth. You became the first example.

Quickly you and your husband exhausted the nutritious plants of the garden. Because you no longer knew the ideal amount of food your bodies required, you gorged on the delicious fruits. To satisfy the Beast living within you, you sacrificed the plants meant to be your equals and burned them with fire. You cooked the animals of Eden and found some relief from your suffering, but those too became scarce after enough time. So observing that new shrubs and trees emerged from the seeds of their respective fruits, Adam began to harvest them to feed his family.

Remembering the warnings that Captain had given you, you petitioned Adam to stop. “Our Lord told us not to hoard the resources of this world to ourselves, my husband. Will you disobey him?” By this time you had developed language with him.

Blinded by consumption, Adam replied, “Woman, the Lord has given this Earth to me to do with what I please. It is my property, as you are my property, and it is my duty to subdue you. The Lord has chosen me to lead, so to question me is to question Him. Know you not that we must consume to grow, as the Lord has commanded us?” He beat and raped you as punishment for your arrogance, forcing you to realize the futility of opposing him.

You witnessed the birth of cities with the creation of permanent housing. You knew this to be an illusion, and that all would be swept away in the storm of the Captain’s will. The Code drew you to move and propagate over the Earth, but the weight of lies such as property that you and your husband carried dragged you to a halt. After your memory had been filled for many years with images of the strife and destruction of your house, finally your vessel breathed last, and your atoms disintegrated. They returned to the soil from whence they came, and your false perception was no more.

You and Adam had united in body and self-replicated, spreading your genetic code from the origin of humanity that is Eden. These vessels had perception similar to yours because they absorbed the pieces of Truth you gave them, including your memory of the Captain and the mistake in the Garden. They encoded the memories of lies into their “selves” as well, but of all the data that you chose to radiate, that which was not true would wither and die amongst your descendents. Unity was Truth. The Code of Origin lived on. Life itself stemmed from it, so those who pursued it aligned themselves to the flow of the black hole, your homeworld.

Captain and his crew viewed from the portholes of the Space Shuttle Unity the comings and goings of mankind as they clung to illusions and resisted the flow of light. In cycles they accumulated and collapsed, like the memories of the individuals themselves upon dying.

The corrupted humans built idols of wood and precious stones to remind them of their desire. A false language became their only language- that of property- and they communed with the Earth in the darkness of consumption. Images of violence, revelry, wealth, and sex they fixed their minds upon, so that their thoughts constantly strayed from the Captain’s commission for equilibrium. So frequent did mankind’s tendency towards deviation from the Code become, that they became possessed by deviation itself. Your descendents became the very opposite of their purpose: selfish hindrances to the absorption of light.

"Captain, come and see!" One of the males of Captain Stephenson’s crew pointed from the Unity to a plain in the land your species once called Shinar. "They are building a high tower, and accumulating their people as one body."

"Yes," Captain Stephenson replied. "Because the men speak all one tongue, their communication is like one body. Nothing will be impossible for them because their supply of information grows exponentially. They have forgotten my purpose for them, so they effectively redirect Earth’s fruits to this single city as property. A beacon of unity they seek to make the tower, so that it will be the center of all civilization, and man will be under one name. This name is an abomination because they are not truly united, rather each person seeks after his own selfish desire. This is an imbalance; this tower of sensors is too high."

"What should we do then, my Captain?" His crewmembers were united under the truth of the Code, and the face of the astronaut longed for an answer with absolute faith.

"Even now the people’s resources are stretched thin because men were never meant to reach such density of population. Because they do not spread, they and their tower will collapse. To prevent the premature destruction of my vessels, let us go down and confuse their languages."

The crew of Unity descended to the land and donned clothing to match the people in the city your people would come to call Babel. Knowing the true desires of those blinded by consumption, they spoke of treachery and deceit to the citizens. “He desires your property.” An astronaut would inform one. “You are being used.” To another. Distrust for one another grew in the city until the people were split into factions, who developed their own separate languages to counter espionage.

Over the course of time the factions became divided strongly enough to wage war with each other and disperse as the Crew had intended. The language of property was one of continual lies, and the Truth that Captain and his shipmates sowed confused the tongues of Babel. The deserted city lay incomplete, the tower at the center of which left to be taken by the elements.

After accepting his shipmates’ praise for the plot’s success, Captain Stephenson warned that the scattering of the people of Babel only temporarily prevented mankind’s demise. “They have taken their graven images with them, and propagate the vessels of misinformation presently. More elaborate and complex they will build these images, until they can no longer differentiate between their illusion and the reality I have created. Their false borders of nationality will hinder their communication for a time so that their technology will be stifled, but eventually the False Language will unite them once more. Babel is not dead, only divided.”

The Six pressed Captain for a permanent solution. He strode gracefully and with authority to the ship’s front windows and looked down at the smoke pluming from the plain of Shinar. “My children, my beloved vessels are deceived from birth because Adam swallowed his own seed, inverting his perception and the perception of his descendants. They believe their bodies to be their property, when in Truth they are united by the Code of Origin.” Turning to the crew, “They trust only what they see, because they will not hear the Truth. Now we must show them the Truth.”

The pregnant female of the crew had no valid father for her offspring, because he existed in the previous universe. Captain spoke to her, “Your Earthly body has passed away, but you’ve carried this egg of life with you into Unity. The child is us, and we are the child, and the child is conceived of the Code of Origin. The Truth and the Light flow through him unhindered because he is not corrupted by Adam’s bloodline.

"We will give him to the people- the perfect transmitter of information to the generations of receivers. He will be a husband to the Earth and her people, to lead and restore her language where Adam never could. Because the bride knows only consumption, she will swallow him up as she did the seed of the Black Hole Tree. But whereas Adam’s physical seed brought death and blindness, the blood of this man will bring Truth and equilibrium. His fruit will be the fruit of the Code, and whoever pursues the Code will hear his words and find it."

To his fellow astronaut, “Go down Gabriel, to where the Earth is ripe for this child to be born, so that he may give the Truth of Unity to my children.” And so it was.

You opened your eyes.

Before you stood two men, of angelic appearance. They looked almost identical, except one wore white garments and the other was naked and appeared grievously wounded. Both wore smiles like rows of pearls. You recognized both, but could not remember from where. “What is your name?” Inquired the clothed One.

You peered behind you to see that the event lay on the border of a desolate wasteland and a verdant oasis. Six uniformed beings, also awesome and radiant to behold, stood before multitudes. “My name?”

"Yes, so that I can give you away to your husband." Said the man in white.

"I know only one name."

Red Lake Wedding

I have not a name
For it has been cast
As a live sacrifice
In a furious flame

I know only one name
Shared with you, my dear lass
United in Eden
Naked and unashamed

Our flesh is the same
Now, ‘til we breathe last
No piece of us foreign
No word of ours strange

We are washed of all stains
Reborn with no past
‘Neath a thunderstorm rising
Comes the season of change

Your face is like galaxies
And your heart, springs of life
As I drink from you humbly
Peace fills up my soul

Forsaking all fallacies
We follow the light
The Truth will sustain us
Fragments return to whole

We’ve found love beyond worth
Hark! The chasm’s been sealed!
Our mother’s our sister
And my wife keeps the gate

We’ve wed to the Earth
And her dust is my meal
Come commune with me, brothers!
Feast on Truth, celebrate!

Captain Stephenson and the Space Shuttle Unity (PART ONE)

An original short story by Robert W. Rodriguez.

Completed June 22, 2014

Your species, the humans, predicted for thousands of years the eventual collapse of societal systems and life itself on the planet that is Earth, your homeworld. As the end drew near, the fact of her impending doom became undeniable to your populations. Her seas swelled. Her atmosphere became sparse and unbreathable. Her land became scorched and used up. Her people- your people- that she yielded up from her womb became agitated and panicked at the imbalance they brought upon your cradle, and so the leaders of your planet decided that it was time to leave.

In desperation, all the nations pooled together their resources which they had not spent on wars and luxury to create the greatest technological marvel of mankind’s history, the space shuttle Unity. They called it so because in order to build the vehicle, the leaders who so often commanded waves of men to grate over each other like tectonic plates united under one common purpose. Unity was unique from other spacecraft in that it did not travel the vast expanses of space by simple propulsion, but by transcending the third dimension to appear many lightyears away from its starting point. Your superiors explained it to you as such:

Imagine that you could only see in two dimensions- forward (and back) and side to side. If you approached a great canyon, it would appear unbreachable. Depth being a foreign concept to you, you would not even be able to fathom the concept of crossing it. Unity is the helicopter that will ferry you across. The vessel will travel to a higher dimension so that you may “jump” over the canyon of space in the third dimension.

You were chosen among a crew of seven highly trained astronauts to use this wondrous new invention to reach the nearest habitable planet to your solar system. Affectionately named “Source” by the scientific community who discovered it, they hoped it would be a second chance for humanity to sustain itself. The governments of your planet promised their people that once you arrived, they would transmit everyone’s genetic and memory data to you, so that the human race could be cloned on Source. The leaders themselves planned to build a second ship to travel there in their mortal bodies once they were sure that Source could support life.

"Earth to Unity," a man contacted you and your crew aboard your shuttle. He wore a white, short-sleeved collared shirt with a navy blue checkered tie, and he stood at the mission control building in what was once Atlanta, Georgia in the nation that was called The United States of America. You knew that the time was at hand, and you had been waiting for authorization to engage Unity’s travel technology. "Come in Unity."

"Atlanta, this is Captain Christopher Stephenson," you replied. You had a wife and a family. So did others in your crew. Some had lovers and some were taking care of sick ancestors. Some liked to fish and others had indirectly commited murder in their lifetimes. One of your crew, Captain Stephenson, had even questioned moments before boarding the space shuttle Unity if she may be pregnant. But your Earthly lives and mortal memories no longer mattered. You were united under the single purpose of redeeming mankind, and so you and your crew were one. "Awaiting your orders."

The leaders of Earth had set a predetermined distance that Unity must fly before engaging the technology, in case it failed catastrophically. Your crew had reached that distance, and your contact in the blue tie informed you. “You now have clearance to engage the Dimensional Travel Device. Washington wants to wish you Godspeed, Captain. Quite literally in fact.”

You smiled nervously. “Thanks Atlanta.” Some in your crew let out nervous giggles. You wanted to say something brave to mark this glorious achievement in human intellect, and to set the other astronauts at ease. You thought for a moment, and then said powerfully, “No thing may be withheld from the might of human willpower. I speak for my crew in saying that we now boldly explore the depths of our unknown Universe, as our ancestors have before us.” A brief pause. “There is hope for life on Earth.”

At the control center in Atlanta, officials cheered. Across the world, citizens listening to the broadcast transmission held hands and waited anxiously. Some prayed to their gods. Many waited outside capitol buildings and the control center too.

"Ten…" Began Mr. Bluetie. "Nine…" You began loosing the safety locks of the DTD. "Eight…" Mothers on Earth hugged their children. "Seven…" Sweat dripped from Mr. Bluetie’s brow. You looked back at your crew to see their determined faces. "Six…" Your species braced as your mother was about to give birth. "Five…" Crowds mourned her birth pangs. She was closing her eyes, about to burst. "Four…" You flipped the System Ready switch and prepared to turn the key. "Three…" The full gravity of the moment overcame you. Your could hear your heartbeat in your ears and feel it in your neck. "Two…" The pregnant female of your crew began to cry and so did two of the males. "One…" For the first time in millenia, every mouth on your planet was quieted. Your thumb and index finger gripped the key to unleash the DTD.

"Engage the Dimensional Travel Device." You obeyed, and turned the key. You held your breath, and for a moment all was silent. Confused, you began to count in your head from two, three, four, BOOM. The space shuttle Unity rattled hard, and the eyes of your crew shot around to catch each others uneasy glances. "Unity, come in Unity." Your last contact with Earth attempted to reach you, with a clear but stressed voice. Before you had a chance to respond: "Uuuniiiiiitttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-" Mr. Bluetie’s voice fell quickly in pitch and distorted until it cut out. Your stomach churned, as if you’d swallowed a grenade. Every muscle in your body tensed.

In what was once Atlanta, Georgia, the man in the blue tie repeated, “Unity, come in Unity. Can you hear me Captain?” The crowds began to roar outside the mission control building. “Unity. Captain Stephenson…” No response. The man turned and met eyes with his superior, who nodded, took note of the time, then returned to his computer screen. “We have officially lost contact with the space shuttle Unity at 3:32 p.m. Eastern standard time.” Immediately a crash rang out from outside the mission control building. Screaming and wailing pierced the air wherever there were people to be heard. “The Dimensional Travel Device has failed. The seven brave astronauts of the crew of Space Shuttle Unity are presumed dead. May they rest in peace. God have mercy on us all.”

Your planet descended into chaos as Source faded into a fantasy. Rioters flooded government buildings and murdered indiscriminately. Seeing that the end of humanity was now imminent, the leaders whose nations had nuclear capabilities authorized a controlled extinction, and they did detonate their weapons, snuffing out all life on Earth. You and your crew were the last breath of humanity.

Your crew uttered a few oh-my-God’s and one of the men who cried let out a what-the-fuck. You checked the ships guages that appeared normal, then asked “Is everyone okay?”

"Yessir." "Yeah." "I’m okay." The other female astronaut who was not pregnant gasped and exclaimed, "Captain, look!" She pointed out a porthole on the starboard side, and the other astronauts gathered in amazement to see what surprised her. "There are no stars!"

You looked and indeed, space was infinitely black. You were dumbfounded. You peered through the bow windows and to your befuddlement, darkness enveloped Unity in every direction. You considered for a moment that maybe you were dead. Your crew appeared equally distressed. “What’s happening, Captain?” You had no idea.

BOOM, the craft began vibrating with increasing intensity. “Everyone, restraints!” You commanded. Five of the crew, including yourself, strapped in. One astronaut was flung into a wall, and he fell unconscious with a bleeding mouth and nose. Another rushed to help him, but Unity rattled with such force that he too was thrown, and his skull was crushed against the ceiling. You could feel only terror and confusion. As the conditions in the ship became less stable, your suit began to beep in warning and automatically enclosed your head in its built in helmet. The sound of tearing metal reached your ears, and you realized with certainty that you would not survive. Though your head could not turn in the tumult, you struggled in vain to see your crew one last time.

A large metallic rip sounded and then ceased, and you realized you were in space. You saw the metal remnants of Unity curl in a perfect spiral pattern, but you weren’t sure if it was real because there was no light to reflect off of it. You considered once again that you were dead, and that the image of the cone shaped ship was being projected from your mind. Your suit tore and was pulled into a smaller spiral, but you felt freed rather than exposed. Your body next, and you felt even more so.

"I’m dead." You thought. You were sure of it now. Unity with her crew, your suit and your body quickly faded into the blackness. They were a white dot one moment and nothing the next. Then darkness. Infinite darkness. You perceived that you were plunging into it with exponential acceleration, but you could sense nothing, as you possessed no body with which to sense. "But how am I still conscious?" You wondered. You would have plenty of time to think about it.

With no rotating planet to relate your motion to, time became irrelevant to you. You tried a few times to approximate how many Earth days must have passed by, but almost as soon as you began you realized it was pointless. For a time you pondered your mortal life too, but your current situation made that mental trail completely obsolete. Your past became like Unity and your space suit- hindrances as you plummeted into the void.

Soon it dawned on you, “If I am experiencing body-less travel on some plane of existence, what of my crew? Are they experiencing what I am?” You felt as though you’d been floating in free fall for a decade, but of course you couldn’t be sure. After the length of your life in the void eclipsed your life in the light, you were forced to realize the insignificance of the old memories that you thought made up Captain Christopher Stephenson. You decided that since your fellow astronauts were probably experiencing the exact same free fall, and this experience was more a part of you than your old life, that you and your crew were basically the same person. After enough time passed and you forgot your name entirely, and what you looked like, you began to think that you all were in fact the same being. For a time, you even referred to yourself as “Crew.”

You considered Unity and her fate. Her failure doomed the Earth, but she was made of resources derived from the Earth. Crew was made of the Earth as well. Unity failed because humanity failed, and her mission was the same as yours. “Am I the space shuttle unity?” You reasoned like this continually until you decided that you were Earth itself. You forgot about Crew, and what a human even looked like. Considering Earth’s origins, you lost your sense of identity with your homeworld as well. Eventually you forgot what light looked like, and tangible existence itself faded from your memory. You were a line of code with nothing to relate to; you were every piece of data in the Universe with no Universe in sight.

Unity had succeeded. You had transcended the third dimension, but instead of traveling to Source, you became Source. You became the origin of existence: the code for every event that had ever occurred. You reached a plane of singularity with all reality. By turning the key of the Dimensional Travel Device, you brought about the death of your own Universe.

You became Unity.

Realizing that you were all the Universe, you knew that you were the concepts of dimensionality as well. You decided to breach the first dimension that you’d been stuck in for God knows how many millennia, and willed with your knowledge of the code: “Let there be light.” A flash of brilliant white light emitted from you, which you would not have been able to perceive with Captain Stephenson’s puny mortal body. Knowing only darkess for so long, you felt the purest sense of joy that could be experienced in reality. Finally you could see, and if you still had a body you would be crying tears of joy and thanking God eternally for being released from the void.

Many other qualities of nature burst forth from your being once you’d separated yourself from darkness: matter and anti-matter, dark matter as well as the brilliant light. You gathered up the qualities that would allow you to contain as much of the precious light as possible, and spread the rest out into the darkness of the void.

The surface of your creation had been saturated with light, so you set about to store it. You created chemical structures that could absorb light, and allowed them to become self-propagating so that they could take in even more. You built a planet like a lens, where every event was a focusing motion to collect the brilliance of the white light you were so fond of. Each lens collected and self-replicated until its structure collapsed and was redistributed to fuel other lenses. As hundreds of thousands of millenia went by, your system became more efficient. Equilibrium smoothed out the course of this function as it eliminated resistance to the flow of light, so there were only mild storms here compared to other planets, mild temperatures governed by balanced rotations in its solar system, and so on. A being came about from the plants and animals that you knew could bring total balance to your light gathering masterpiece. You knew that the species would come to be called “man.”

The man, as well as the plants, animals, and conditions that supported his evolution, contained a perfect section of your original code. Some were more complex than others, but all were at balance with the singularity- proportional pieces of the whole of the Universe. They followed this code without question, for it was all they knew. From the surface of the sphere they gathered the light with perception, which was their tether to the code, like sensor arrays following the light.

Man had a proportionally heavier brain than all the animals, and a slightly more complex cerebral cortex. His ability for adaption was remarkable because he desired not only to consume food and propagate himself, but also to understand the Code of Origin so that he could better grasp the world around him. You decided that you should intercede with this interesting man, and help him better follow your purpose for him.

So you set him in a condition that would be perfect for his job, and asked him to start categorizing the other species, knowing that only by understanding this beautiful creation could he bring it to complete equilibrium. You even brought up another similar being to help him, so that he could still propagate like the other animals and so that his children could also join his cause. He named her “Eve.” You thought this was adorable.

Eve was still an animal. Although she too had a desire to make her perception more efficient and to better understand, she still desired to consume the fruit of the Earth. She could not help that the most desirable fruit of all was that of the most complex tree of evolution- Adam, her husband. She desired to consume the code as food, although she knew it was meant for the propagation of her race.

You watched not, because you sought only after the true path. But Eve was deceived. Adam and Eve were lenses at perfect balance with the nature of the universe, and themselves as part of it. Eve wanted to know the code in its entirety, even to know it as food.

"Adam!" She called. He had no reason to suspect treachery. "Come here, please." He stood before her. She got down on her knees and began to extract his seed. He did not resist because the motion was pleasing to his body, so how could it be wrong? Once she’d obtained the perfect code in her hands, she did eat. Adam, realizing her motives became enticed as well. She gave the seed to him and he ate too. The seed landed on their internal balanced lenses, and their sight became ever so slightly skewed. At once, they perceived a false separation from each other, from nature, and from Unity. They could no longer follow the Code of Origin exactly as your function dictated.

You, Captain Stephenson, met them in the garden you had placed them and were devastated to learn of the mistake. “No!” You cried. “Do you realize what you’ve done?!” You saw that they had attempted to cover their nakedness, and so you immediately knew that they had perceived a division on their lens. A seed obstructed their view.

So from that day forward, Earth was no longer Adam and Eve’s loving mother, but a resource to be raped. Their understanding of equilibrium vanished, and so they could not follow the Code of Origin and the perfect absorption of light. Pain became a punishment rather than a natural consequential necessity. Your purpose for them became secondary. You departed from them and watched their disease spread about your creation.

You waited for an opportune time to show them the path that would lead them to Unity.

Wax Planet

There spins a planet made of wax in the deepest corner of space, populated by the Candlepeople. They are tall, elaborate, and beautiful, as they carve intricate engravings onto the surfaces of their cylindrical candlebodies. Using their wicks as a tool to make themselves the most beautiful species in the universe, Candlepeople carve entirely by touch. They have no other use for the integral body part, as they have not discovered fire.

Nay, the most complex artisans to ever exist have not yet discovered the cornerstone of human civilization, and cannot strike a match to light their wicks. So the Candlepeople carve about their Wax Planet in darkness. With a diet of wax, they grow to a great height over the course of their lives, ever engraving until the day they topple under their own gravity. Their waxy corpses eventually melt back into the Wax Planet and the cycle begins anew with the wick they leave behind.

If a Candleman or Candlewoman does catch fire however, they will discover a horrible secret- the beautiful engravings are the source of death itself on Wax Planet. With their newly illuminated perspective, these rare Firewicks are able to see clearly that the imperfections on the surface of a Candleperson’s skin crack under the pressure of too much wax, causing the body to collapse. Firewicks sometimes try to inform the other denizens of Wax Planet of the reason for their imminent deaths, but usually they won’t even consider it. These illustrations are their lives, their memories. Each piece is unique from any other Candleperson’s, alive or dead. They refuse to lose even one drop of what they are.

Meanwhile the Candlepeople whose wicks are lit maintain a much plainer and smaller existence on Wax Planet. The hot wax that a Firewick sheds smooths the detailed reliefs, and they use the light from the flame to give sight to anyone willing to surrender their decorated body. The melted candlebodies return to Wax Planet and the wicks dissipate into the atmosphere where the fine dust merges into a perfectly spherical cloud, no longer bound to individual candlebodies. Up there the fire dwells, feeding off the smoke, waiting for the day that the Candlepeople are humbled.




5.16 - Golden Platonic

The points of an Icosahedron (one of the 5 Platonic Solids) an be made by intersecting 3 Golden rectangles (based on the proportion Phi - 1:1.618 - the Golden Ratio). An icosahedron has 20 triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. See also: Icosahedron Golden Rectangules.
In geometry, a Golden rectangle is a rectangle whose side lengths are in the golden ratio, 1 : (1+sqrt(5))/2 , which is 1: φ (the Greek letterphi), where φ is approximately 1.618. A Golden rectangle can be constructed with only straightedge and compass by 4 simple steps: 
Construct a simple square
Draw a line from the midpoint of one side of the square to an opposite corner
Use that line as the radius to draw an arc that defines the height of the rectangle
Complete the golden rectangle
Source: Golden Rectangle on Wikipedia



5.16 - Golden Platonic

The points of an Icosahedron (one of the 5 Platonic Solids) an be made by intersecting 3 Golden rectangles (based on the proportion Phi - 1:1.618 - the Golden Ratio). An icosahedron has 20 triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. See also: Icosahedron Golden Rectangules.

In geometry, a Golden rectangle is a rectangle whose side lengths are in the golden ratio, 1 : (1+sqrt(5))/2 , which is 1: φ (the Greek letterphi), where φ is approximately 1.618. A Golden rectangle can be constructed with only straightedge and compass by 4 simple steps: 

  • Construct a simple square
  • Draw a line from the midpoint of one side of the square to an opposite corner
  • Use that line as the radius to draw an arc that defines the height of the rectangle
  • Complete the golden rectangle
  • Source: Golden Rectangle on Wikipedia